Naturally, all applicable standards and regulations are observed in the development and manufacture of ChainMaster chain hoists and control systems. But what happens in case of incorrect operation, when, for example, the load on the hook is too great? Or non-existent?
In case of statically indeterminate loads or where there is a risk of overloading individual elements, suitable sensors are required that are capable of reliably evaluating and displaying the current load values or bringing the lifts, in combination with overriding controllers, to a safe stop.
In addition to our high-quality control systems, we offer a wide range of load sensors and evaluation units, whether in the form of separate 19" load displays in combination with optical and acoustic warning signals, or the ChainMaster Load-2-Net system as a professional software solution with extensive ancillary functions.




For statically indeterminate load cases a load measuring system is required if the risk of overloading individual components of the system or the lifting points exists.