Chain Hoists

ChainMaster Chain Hoists: Compact – Robust – Safe

With ten-thousands of chain hoists sold worldwide, hundreds of big-name users and too many applications to count, ChainMaster is a world leader in the development and production of chain hoists adapted to the rigours of day-to-day stage use. Our range includes drives for daily use in the many fields of modern events technology. All demands – from installation work to complex scene changes and customer-specific applications for theatres, opera houses, TV studios, multi-function halls and the touring sector – are met with solutions designed and implemented in close cooperation with users. Through the use of a wide range of auxiliary equipment offering optimal performance, it is possible to assemble the basic components for every conceivable case, and use them in accordance with a very wide range of national and international guidelines and safety standards.


The compact form, robust aluminium casing and low unladen weight of ChainMaster rigging lifts guarantee optimal handling in day-to-day use.


Increased safety, flexibility and efficient rigging for complex loads are the main features of D8Plus chain hoists.


Whether for installation work or complex scene changes, ChainMaster‘s C1 hoists are used worldwide.

Vario Lift

Since it was first introduced in 1998 after an eighteen-month development and testing phase, the ChainMaster VarioLift—at the time, the first device of its kind anywhere in the world—has proved a global success.

Jumbo Lift

Video cubes and other very heavy loads constitute the principal field of application of ChainMaster‘s Jumbo Lifts.

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