ChainMaster expands the CM-820 controller series with a 12-ch controller
Modular and flexible

Due to high demand, Chain­Mas­ter Büh­nen­tech­nik GmbH is exten­ding the pro­ven CM-820 con­trol series with a 12-chan­nel con­trol­ler for direct-con­trol­led chain hoists com­pli­ant with BGV-D8 / DGUV V54 and D8plus.

The lin­ka­ble con­trol unit for 12 chain hoists con­sists of a com­pact and robust 19″ steel housing with 6U. On the front side are clear direc­tio­n­al pre-selec­tors with LED direc­tio­n­al pre-selec­tion dis­play, on the rear are 3 mul­ti­core out­puts for four dri­ves of up to 1kW motor power and 2 groun­ding sockets for exter­nal loads.

In addi­ti­on to inte­gra­ted pha­se and rota­ry field con­trol, fur­ther pro­duct fea­tures inclu­de a main con­tac­tor for the GO signal and a moni­to­red emer­gen­cy stop con­tac­tor. LEDs on the front panel indi­ca­te all ope­ra­ting sta­tes. The access­ories requi­red for link ope­ra­ti­on are inclu­ded.

With the CM-820 con­trol series, even gro­wing com­pa­nies can rea­li­ze pro­jec­ts with hig­her demands and more dri­ves. The­se con­trol­lers can be used on their own for smal­ler pro­jec­ts, in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with part­ner com­pa­nies, or can be ren­ted as addi­tio­nal con­trol­lers.”