Current Theater Reference Projects 2018

Current Theater Reference Projects 2018

Twenty-five years after the launch of ChainMaster products, the company based in Saxony, Germany, has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hoist technology in the event industry, offering a comprehensive range of products for everything from set-up operations and complex scenic movements, to complete automation of theater and opera house performances around the globe.

The latest reference projects for the chain hoist specialists from Eilenburg include the Zaryadye Concert Hall and the Helicon Theater in Moscow, Russia. For the Zaryadye Concert Hall, twenty-four chain hoists with 500 kg load capacity and twenty chain hoists with 1000 kg load capacity were integrated into the existing in-house control system. The new hoists are equipped with absolute value encoders and load measuring cells and comply with DGUV V17 (formerly BGV-C1). The installation was carried out by the local sales and installation partners Stroyscirc and Doka Center. In the Helicon Theater, they decided on a chain hoist system for the set-up operation in accordance with DGUV V17. The system consists of thirty-two chain hoists with 500kg load capacity and a ChainMaster Protouch StageOperator control. The technical implementation also was realized by Doka Center.

In the course of the modernization of the Gessneralle Theater in Zurich, twenty-eight existing BGV-C1 chain hoists with a load capacity of 800kg were updated. The choice was made to install the Protouch StageOperator system here as well. The chain hoists were equipped with incremental encoders and load-measuring shackles in the Eilenburg factory and subjected to a UVV (accident prevention regulations) test before reinstallation. ChainMaster offers a variety of upgrade solutions for existing first-generation chain hoists, ranging from set-up operations to SIL3-certified scenic use, to allow customers to further utilize their hoists.
Another outstanding project in the field of theater installation is the renovation of the overhead machinery in the Kremlin State Palace Theater Moscow. In 2003, ChainMaster supplied a chain hoist system with computer control, which, after 15 years of reliable work, is being replaced by the current SIL3-certified XYZ Control System. The number of chain hoists has increased from forty fixed-speed drives to fifty-four new drives with 500kg load capacity and variable speed control up to 19m/min. The technical implementation is being carried out by the partner companies SIM and Stroyscirc and should be completed by the end of the year.

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