Current Theater Reference Projects 2018

Twen­ty-five years after the launch of Chain­Mas­ter pro­duc­ts, the com­pa­ny based in Sax­o­ny, Ger­ma­ny, has grown to beco­me one of the world’s lea­ding manu­fac­tu­rers of hoist tech­no­lo­gy in the event indus­try, offe­ring a com­pre­hen­si­ve ran­ge of pro­duc­ts for ever­ything from set-up ope­ra­ti­ons and com­plex sce­nic move­ments, to com­ple­te auto­ma­ti­on of thea­ter and ope­ra house per­for­man­ces around the glo­be.

The latest refe­rence pro­jec­ts for the chain hoist spe­cia­lists from Eilen­burg inclu­de the Zarya­dye Con­cert Hall and the Heli­con Thea­ter in Moscow, Rus­sia. For the Zarya­dye Con­cert Hall, twen­ty-four chain hoists with 500 kg load capa­ci­ty and twen­ty chain hoists with 1000 kg load capa­ci­ty were inte­gra­ted into the exis­ting in-house con­trol sys­tem. The new hoists are equip­ped with abso­lu­te value enco­ders and load mea­su­ring cells and com­ply with DGUV V17 (form­er­ly BGV-C1). The instal­la­ti­on was car­ri­ed out by the local sales and instal­la­ti­on part­ners Stroy­scirc and Doka Cen­ter. In the Heli­con Thea­ter, they deci­ded on a chain hoist sys­tem for the set-up ope­ra­ti­on in accordance with DGUV V17. The sys­tem con­sists of thir­ty-two chain hoists with 500kg load capa­ci­ty and a Chain­Mas­ter Pro­touch Sta­ge­Ope­ra­tor con­trol. The tech­ni­cal imple­men­ta­ti­on also was rea­li­zed by Doka Cen­ter.

In the cour­se of the moder­ni­za­ti­on of the Gess­ne­ral­le Thea­ter in Zurich, twen­ty-eight exis­ting BGV-C1 chain hoists with a load capa­ci­ty of 800kg were updated. The choice was made to install the Pro­touch Sta­ge­Ope­ra­tor sys­tem here as well. The chain hoists were equip­ped with incre­men­tal enco­ders and load-mea­su­ring shack­les in the Eilen­burg fac­to­ry and sub­jec­ted to a UVV (acci­dent pre­ven­ti­on regu­la­ti­ons) test befo­re reinstal­la­ti­on. Chain­Mas­ter offers a varie­ty of upgrade solu­ti­ons for exis­ting first-genera­ti­on chain hoists, ran­ging from set-up ope­ra­ti­ons to SIL3-cer­ti­fied sce­nic use, to allow custo­mers to fur­ther uti­li­ze their hoists.
Ano­t­her out­stan­ding pro­ject in the field of thea­ter instal­la­ti­on is the reno­va­ti­on of the over­head machine­ry in the Krem­lin Sta­te Palace Thea­ter Moscow. In 2003, Chain­Mas­ter sup­plied a chain hoist sys­tem with com­pu­ter con­trol, which, after 15 years of reli­able work, is being repla­ced by the cur­rent SIL3-cer­ti­fied XYZ Con­trol Sys­tem. The num­ber of chain hoists has increa­sed from for­ty fixed-speed dri­ves to fif­ty-four new dri­ves with 500kg load capa­ci­ty and varia­ble speed con­trol up to 19m/min. The tech­ni­cal imple­men­ta­ti­on is being car­ri­ed out by the part­ner com­pa­nies SIM and Stroy­scirc and should be com­ple­ted by the end of the year.