Gewandhaus Leipzig expanded ChainMaster chain hoists

Gewandhaus Leipzig expanded ChainMaster chain hoists

The Leipzig Gewandhaus had already invested in a new ChainMaster chain hoist system in accordance with SQP2 D8Plus in January 2012. Now the system has been further expanded.
Last year’s installation included a 16-channel “RiggingLift” control system for connecting up to 16 directly controlled ChainMaster chain hoists. This control system can be used to operate chain hoists equipped with a load measuring unit for overload and underload cut-off and an incremental encoder for positioning. The system is conveniently operated using an 8.4″ wireless colour touch panel from the Protouch StageOperator series.

Not only can the ChainMaster chain hoists be positioned with millimetre accuracy using this control system; the integrated target memory function also means that preset target positions can be used again and again in practical terms. In addition, freely adjustable switch-off points for overload/underload can be set as desired for each connected drive.
Bernd Schöneich, Technical Manager at the Leipzig Gewandhaus, comments: “In 2012, we used the first chain hoists in the Gewandhaus. The system was selected in such a way that expansion is possible at any time. We were very satisfied with the chain hoists from ChainMaster that we have been using to date, so we decided to expand this system as quickly as possible”.

This system was extended in October 2013: In this connection, new ChainMaster D8Plus 250 kg chain hoists and a further 16-channel “RiggingLift” control unit were integrated into the existing system. This will enable the Gewandhaus to conveniently operate up to 32 drives with the ProTouch StageOperator – which means significantly increased flexibility with regard to the requirements of the various events. In addition, the modular system design of the control unit offers many possibilities for future expansion of the chain hoist system and is therefore predestined for steadily growing event venues such as the Leipzig Gewandhaus.
“What is important for us is simple and safe handling of the system,” says Bernd Schöneich. “Due to the high density of events in the Gewandhaus, the chain hoist system is operated by a relatively large group of users. This is why protection against overload and positioning options are particularly important for safe operation. Another advantage is of course the fact that the chain hoists are extremely flexible and can be

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