Norm EN 17206:2020

Norm EN 17206:2020

We would like to inform you today about the latest valid standard EN 17206:2020 “Entertainment technology – Machinery for stages and other production areas – Safety requirements and inspections”. This standard will replace CWA 15902-1:2008 in future.

In Germany, it was published as DIN EN 17206 with validity from 01.09.2020, replacing DIN 56950-1:2012-05.

Within the scope of this new regulation so-called Use Cases for Upper Machinery (Use Cases UC1-6) are defined. These are classified as follows:

1. Use Case 1-2: Persons during movement not in the hazard area
2. Use Case 3-4: Persons in the hazardous area
3. Use Case 5-6: Movement of persons

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