Shackles in various quality grades from 100 — 13500 kgdenen Güteklassen von 100 — 13500 kg[/fusion_highlight]

High-strength design in HA1, HC1, HA2 and HC2, gal­va­nis­ed, bolt pain­ted, with nut and split pin, for all app­li­ca­ti­ons

Round slings

Round slings, flat lif­ting slings, lashing straps, fixing equip­ment

Girder clamps from 1000 — 10,000 kg

- for attach­ment points on t‑girders or as load grips
— also avail­ab­le with inte­gra­ted run­ning gear

Cables and cable assembly

We are able to sup­ply all types of cables, both in coil and drum form and pre­as­sem­bled with plugs in accordance with your spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons.

Ropes cables 50 to 14.000 kg

- Type P‑P, with extru­ded-on eye at both ends 
— Type PK-PK, with extru­ded-on eye stif­fe­ner at both ends 
— Type SK-SK, with twisted eye stif­fe­ner at both ends

All vari­ants can also be fit­ted with spring hooks.


Flight Cases

On request for chain hoists and con­trol­lers, avail­ab­le in dif­fe­rent ver­si­ons.


2 Inde­pen­dent Bra­kes

Dif­fe­rent Load Hooks

Bra­cket with turn­ab­le Hook

Robust Chain Bags

Load Cells

Abso­lut Enco­der

Push Trol­ley 500‑5000 kg

Vec­tor — Fre­quen­cy Inver­ter

Bra­cket with O‑Ring