Sin­ce it was first intro­du­ced in 1998 at the PLASA show in Lon­don after an eigh­te­en-month deve­lop­ment and tes­ting pha­se, the Chain­Mas­ter VarioLift—at the time, the first device of its kind any­whe­re in the world—has pro­ved a glo­bal suc­cess. The Vario­Lift pro­duct series offers maxi­mum pre­cisi­on at speeds of up to 42m/min and the hig­hest degree of repro­du­ci­bi­li­ty of pro­gramm­a­ble moti­on sequen­ces for com­plex sta­ge runs in con­nec­tion with our EN/IEC 61508 SIL3-cer­ti­fied XYZ con­trol sys­tem.
Sta­te-of-the-art clo­sed-loop fre­quen­cy con­ver­ter tech­no­lo­gy, high-reso­lu­ti­on posi­ti­on sen­sors and secu­re load assess­ment make the Chain­Mas­ter Vario­Lift a high-per­for­mance hoist. Pro­gramm­a­ble start and stop ramps, full tor­que when moti­on­less for several minu­tes, chan­ge of direc­tion wit­hout pausing, and soft­ware-pro­gramm­a­ble emer­gen­cy and ope­ra­ti­on limit swit­ches are just a few examp­les of the pionee­ring inno­va­tions that have shaped the mar­ket.
For ela­bo­ra­te and com­plex instal­la­ti­on or set­ting-up app­li­ca­ti­ons, we also offer a ran­ge of models with dif­fe­rent load capa­ci­ties and speeds com­ply­ing with BGV D8, D8plus and BGV C1 to ensu­re reli­able ope­ra­ti­on in such cases also, inclu­ding use as a hea­vy-load hoist.


Pro­duct Fea­tures

  • Capa­ci­ty acc. BGV-C1
    125 kg — 6000 kg
  • Varia­ble Speed Con­trol
  • Speed up to 42 m/min
  • Free pro­gam­m­a­ble Start/Stop Ramps
  • EN 818–7 Load Chain
  • Low Noi­se Ope­ra­ti­on
  • 5‑Pocket Chain Wheel
  • 2 Inde­pen­dent DC Bra­kes
  • 2 Abso­lu­te Enco­ders 24Bit
  • Inte­gra­ted Load Cell
  • Real Clo­sed-Loop Ope­ra­ti­on
    with min. IGR-8192 ppr.
  • Pre­ci­se Chain Gui­de
  • Tex­til Chain Bag
  • Remo­veab­le Con­trol Box
  • BGV D8 / D8Plus Models on Request
  • Con­trol Cabi­nets on Request
  • Inte­grable into Sta­ge
    Con­trol Sys­tems

Vario-Lift Electric Chain Hoists
Chain with 1 fall BGV C1, BGV D8 on request

Capacity Speed Falls Load chain in mm EN-818-7 Weight w.o. chain Data/Sheets
200 kg 35 m/min 1 7 x 22 mm 54 kg on request
250 kg 24 m/min 1 7 x 22 mm 58 kg on request
500 kg 10 m/min 1 7 x 22 mm 58 kg on request
500 kg 19 m/min 1 9 x 27 mm 62 kg on request
800 kg 12 m/min 1 9 x 27 mm 62 kg on request
1000 kg 5 m/min 1 9 x 27 mm 62 kg on request
1250 kg 10 m/min 1 11 x 31 mm 80 kg on request
(All data is approximate; we cannot accept any liability for errors and omissions, and we reserve the right to make changes.)