D8 electric chain hoists

D8 Electric Chain Hoists

D8 Electric
Chain Hoists

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D8 – Electric chain hoists

The compact form, robust aluminium casing and low unladen weight of CHAINMASTER rigging lifts guarantee optimal handling in day-to-day use. An extensive selection of optional fittings and accessories allow worldwide use in line with the widest range of requirement criteria. In combination with CHAINMASTER control systems, we can offer all users – even for special applications – an all-in-one solution that leaves nothing to be desired.

Basic Features

  • Climbing- or Standard Suspension
  • Direct- or Contactor Control
  • Light and compact Housing
  • Precise Chain Guide
  • 5‑Pocket Chain Wheel
  • Textile Chain Bag
  • DC Brake
  • Patented Friction Clutch
  • Colour black RAL 9005

Available D8 chain hoist types

Load capacitySpeedFallsLoad chain in mm EN-818-7 Brakes
320 kg4 m/min14 x 12 mm1/2
500 kg4 m/min15,2 x 15 mm1/2
500 kg8 m/min15,2 x 15 mm1/2
1000 kg4 m/min17 x 22 mm1/2
1000 kg8 m/min17 x 22 mm2
1600 kg4 m/min19 x 27 mm2
2000 kg2 m/min27 x 22 mm 1/2
2000 kg4 m/min27 x 22 mm2
2500 kg4 m/min111 x 31 mm2
2500 kg8 m/min111 x 31 mm2
3200 kg2 m/min29 x 27 mm2
5000 kg2 m/min211 x 31 mm2
5000 kg4 m/min211 x 31 mm2
6000 kg1,4/5,6 m/min116 x 45 mm2
12000 kg0,7/2,8 m/min216 x 45 mm2

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