D8Plus electric chain hoists

D8Plus Electric Chain Hoists

D8Plus Electric
Chain Hoists

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D8Plus – Electric chain hoists

Increased safety, flexibility and efficient rigging for complex loads are the main features of D8Plus chain hoists. CHAINMASTER first presented the concept to the Berufsgenossenschaft (institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention in the event industry) many years ago, and in 2004 a working group run by VPLT, the association of event technology companies, published the industry code of practice SR2.0 based on our innovation. The incorporation of a second brake and C1-standard safety features into BGV D8 chain hoists resulted in a product that does without load additional securing. Sales show that the market clearly approves the concept, not just in Germany but all over the world.

Basic Features

  • Climbing- or Standard Suspension
  • Direct- or Contactor Control
  • Light and compact Housing
  • Precise Chain Guide
  • 5‑Pocket Chain Wheel
  • Textile Chain Bag
  • 2 DC Brakes
  • Patented Friction Clutch
  • Colour black RAL 9005

360° view D8Plus Ultra 250kg

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360° view D8Plus Ultra 500kg

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CHAINMASTER Product spot: Rigging

Available D8Plus chain hoist types

Load CapacitySpeedFallsLoad chain in mm EN-818-7 Brakes
250 kg4 m/min14 x 12 mm2
250kg8 m/min15,2 x 15 mm2
320 kg4 m/min15,2 x 15 mm2
500 kg4 m/min15,4 x 15 mm2
500 kg8 m/min17 x 22 mm2
750 kg4 m/min17 x 22 mm2
1000 kg4 m/min17,4 x 21 mm 2
1250 kg4 m/min111 x 31 mm2
1250 kg8 m/min111 x 31 mm2
2000 kg2 m/min29 x 27 mm2
2000 kg4 m/min111,3 x 31 mm2
2500 kg2 m/min211 x 31 mm2
2500kg4 m/min211 x 31 mm2
3000 kg1,4/5,6 m/min116 x 45 mm2
6000 kg0,7/2,8 m/min216 x 45 mm2

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