How much weight do you attach to safety?

Natu­ral­ly, all app­li­ca­ble stan­dards and regu­la­ti­ons are obser­ved in the deve­lop­ment and manu­fac­tu­re of Chain­Mas­ter chain hoists and con­trol sys­tems. But what hap­pens in case of incor­rect ope­ra­ti­on, when, for examp­le, the load on the hook is too gre­at? Or non-exis­tent?
In case of sta­ti­cal­ly inde­ter­mi­na­te loads or whe­re the­re is a risk of over­loa­ding indi­vi­du­al ele­ments, sui­ta­ble sen­sors are requi­red that are capa­ble of reli­ab­ly eva­lua­ting and dis­play­ing the cur­rent load values or brin­ging the lifts, in com­bi­na­ti­on with over­ri­ding con­trol­lers, to a safe stop.
In addi­ti­on to our high-qua­li­ty con­trol sys­tems, we offer a wide ran­ge of load sen­sors and eva­lua­ti­on units, whe­ther in the form of sepa­ra­te 19″ load dis­plays in com­bi­na­ti­on with opti­cal and acoustic warning signals, or the Chain­Mas­ter Load-2-Net sys­tem as a pro­fes­sio­nal soft­ware solu­ti­on with exten­si­ve ancil­la­ry func­tions.

Load Cells and Shackles

Com­pact and robust load-mea­su­ring cells form the heart of our load eva­lua­ti­on sys­tems. They are made in such a way as to allow them to be direc­t­ly inte­gra­ted into the load line, …

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For simp­le, sta­ti­cal­ly inde­ter­mi­na­te loads during set­ting-up ope­ra­ti­ons at hois­ting speeds up to and inclu­ding 8m/min, we offer an exten­si­ve ran­ge of exter­nal load dis­play …

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The Chain­Mas­ter Load-2-Net load-sen­sing sys­tem is the pro­fes­sio­nal net­work solu­ti­on for the moni­to­ring of loads and sus­pen­si­on points in the cour­se of a wide ran­ge of app­li­ca­ti­ons. …

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