Load Cells and Shackles

Load Cells & Shackles

Load Cells & Shackles

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Load-Measuring cells and Load-Measuring shackles

Compact and robust load-measuring cells form the heart of our load evaluation systems. They are made in such a way as to allow them to be directly integrated into the load line, thereby guaranteeing precise and uncompromised measurement of load values throughout the system. The load values are evaluated by means of foil extensometer strips implemented as strain-gauge full bridges. When our special measurement amplifiers are used, high and reliable measurement accuracy is achieved. The factory calibration of every individual load measuring cell and our sustained quality control guarantee a quality product „Made in Germany“ for the safe and accurate assessment of loads. The many different possibilities for the integration of load cells in the suspension systems of our chain hoists permit compact installations, even under difficult conditions and when headroom is limited. CHAINMASTER load sensors can also be used independently of lifting gear for the evaluation of loads attached to suspension and attachment points.

Technical Data

  • Static Safety Factor 5:1
  • Overload measurable 150%
  • Extremly Compact Design
  • High-Strength Steel Alloy
  • Exact Factory Setting
  • Strain Gage with Wheatstone-Bridge
  • Precision <1,0% of S.W.L.
  • Data Amplifier 4–20mA/0–10V
  • Power Supply 24VDC
  • SIL3-Version available

Load-Measuring cells – 2000 kg / 5000 kg / 15000 kg

Load bolts for shackles – 4750 kg

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