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Manual Controls

Manual Controls

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CHAINMASTER Manual Controls: Effective – Modular – Safe

CHAINMASTER manual controllers are available in a wide range of versions for country-specific nominal voltages. Whether for chain hoists with direct or contactor control with different control voltages, cable-connected or safe radio systems, our portfolio features a diversity of products that satisfy – the world over – the most exacting practical requirements and the safety provisions in force. High-quality electronic components underpin – even in simple systems – well thought-out safety functions such as phase and rotary field monitoring. The monitoring of reversing contactors, main contactors and emergency-off contactors by secure emergency-off relays are as fundamental to CHAINMASTER controllers as the use of safe and EMV-tested radio modules for safety-relevant applications. The CHAINMASTER team will be happy to support you in the development and realization of customer-specific special solutions. Just get in touch!

Series CM-801

A controller for extensive rigging projects must be flexible in use, comfortable to operate, versatile in its configuration to adapt to the demands of the individual application.

Series CM-802

For simple applications in day-to-day use, the CM-802 series offers a variety of robust controllers in both portable and 19-inch rack versions.

Series CM-820

With the CM-820 control series, growing companies can realize projects even as their requirements increase.

Series CM-830

Based on the CM-801 series, the manual controllers in CHAINMASTER‘s CM-830 series make powerful companions to electric chain hoists with integrated contactor controls.

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