Comfortable – Versatile – Safe

The Chain­Mas­ter XYZ Con­trol Sys­tem is ide­al­ly sui­ted to the crea­ti­on of com­plex move­ment sequen­ces and con­sti­tu­tes a reli­able inter­face bet­ween the ope­ra­tor and the sta­ge dri­ves. The clear­ly laid out user inter­face and the prac­ti­cal struc­tu­re of the func­tions allow simp­le and intui­ti­ve ope­ra­ti­on at the hig­hest safe­ty level with con­ti­nuous access to all lif­ting app­li­an­ces inte­gra­ted into the sys­tem.
The modu­lar struc­tu­re is capa­ble of adap­ting to all requi­re­ments. In addi­ti­on, a wide varie­ty of ancil­la­ry equip­ment is avail­ab­le. Addi­ti­on con­trol units, a varie­ty of USB device and addi­ti­on con­trol panels with hot­keys and indi­ca­tor lights are avail­ab­le as opti­ons. With our mul­ti-func­tio­n­al con­trol­lers, all sta­ge machine­ry can be con­trol­led com­for­ta­b­ly, safe­ly and in a repro­du­ci­ble fashion.
The inte­gra­ti­on of an addi­tio­nal XYZ Sta­ge­Ope­ra­tor during events makes the ful­ly venue-inde­pen­dent, mul­ti-user ope­ra­ti­on of elec­tric chain hoists, trol­leys, win­ches and other sta­ge machine­ry pos­si­ble throughout the sta­ge area, cer­ti­fied in accordance with EN/IEC 61508 SIL3.


Basic Fea­tures

  • Safe­ty-Com­pu­ters with Self-moni­to­ring Test Rou­ti­ne
  • Inter­net Remo­te-Access
  • 2‑ch High-Speed Net­work
  • Star and Dai­sy Chain cab­ling
  • Free Group Con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on
  • User & Pass­word Manage­ment
  • Ope­ra­ti­on and Fail­u­re Record­ing
  • Pro­gramming and Sto­ring of unli­mi­ted Posi­ti­ons and Sce­nes
  • Actu­al and Desti­na­te Posi­ti­on, Sin­gle Load Dis­play
  • Deadman‘s Ope­ra­ti­on