uLift (EN)



Header 1200×300
Produkte 1200×300
Meilensteine_ 1200x300_

Product Features

  • Up to 45% lighter compared to other devices of this load capacity
  • Reinforced safety catch for suspension and load hooks
  • Mostly enclosed aluminium housing
  • Chain guide ensures a safe and guided feed-in of the chain
  • Including chain bag and 10m lifting height
Load chain mm3 x 94,2 x 12,25,6 x 15,8
Hand chain mm2,5 x 123,5 x 163,5 x 16
Lift at 30m
hand chain mm
Hand chain pull N147187280
Weight at 10m suspension heigt kg5,910,714,8
Weight per add.
m lift kg

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