Advanced Controls

CHAINMASTER Advanced Controls: Intuitive, Safe and Secure

CHAINMASTER offer 3 levels of advanced control, designed and developed to ensure safe, accurate and reliable control systems for high-end installations and shows.

These systems offer control of either fixed speed or variable speed electric chain hoists, along with a variety of stage drives such as winches and lifting platforms. Integration of load measuring, encoders, and other safety monitoring applications allow for simple, intuitive and secure operation for any level of installation.

The CHAINMASTER team are always on hand to help and support you, and can help develop and realise the correct control solution for your rigging project.

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Advanced Controls

D8Plus StageOperator

The D8plus StageOprator Series CM-850 has been developed for the safe setup-operation of chain hoists in direct control or low-voltage control.

ProTouch StageOperator

The ProTouch StageOperator is suitable for safe installation operations featuring fixed-speed chain hoists and a variety of stage drives

XYZ-Control- System

The CHAINMASTER XYZ Control System is ideally suited to the creation of complex movement sequences and constitutes a reliable interface between the operator and the stage drives.