D8Plus ULTRA LV Hoists

Increased safety, flexibility and efficient rigging for complex loads

When it comes to the industry standard D8 Plus fixed speed rigging hoist, look no further than the CHAINMASTER D8 Plus ULTRA range. The most compact and lightweight D8 Plus units on the market, our precision engineered hoists come with an aluminium body finished in environmentally friendly jet black paint, with our unique Flip-Bag chain container, and DAT grade black chain according to EN818-7 with and 8:1 safety factor as standard.

This range comes with and IP55 protection class, with an option to upgrade to IP66 for those harsh environments, and with maintenance free double DC brakes, you can rest assured your D8 Plus hoists are ULTRA protected.

  • Climbing- or Standard-Position
  • Low Voltage Control
  • 2 DC Brakes
  • Patented Friction Clutch
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Compact Design
  • Light Weight

D8Plus LV Hoists  –  4m/min

250kg – D8Plus
  • SB1.1/16B
  • 4 m/min
320kg – D8Plus
  • SK030/10
  • 4 m/min
500kg – D8Plus
  • SK030/76
  • 4 m/min
1000kg – D8Plus
  • SK070/76
  • 4 m/min
2000kg – D8Plus
  • 110/14 SB
  • 4 m/min

D8Plus LV Hoists  –  8m/min

500kg – D8PluS
  • SK030/77
  • 8 m/min
1000kg – D8Plus
  • SK070/77
  • 8 m/min