Standard Controls

CHAINMASTER Standard Controls: Effective, Modular and Safe

CHAINMASTER standard controllers come in a variety of versions, from simple 2 channel hand-held units to linkable, rack mount systems that can control multiple hoists together. Available in either Direct Control or Contactor Control, with different country specific control voltages we have the right controller for you.

The CHAINMASTER team are always on hand to help and support you, and can help develop and realise the correct control solution for your rigging project.

Standard Controls

Series CM-801

A controller for extensive rigging projects must be flexible in use, comfortable to operate, versatile in its configuration to adapt to the demands of the individual application.

Series CM-802

For simple applications in day-to-day use, the CM-802 series offers a variety of robust controllers in both portable and 19-inch rack versions.

Series CM-820

With the CM-820 control series, growing companies can realize projects even as their requirements increase.

Series CM-830

Based on the CM-801 series, the manual controllers in CHAINMASTER‘s CM-830 series make powerful companions to electric chain hoists with integrated contactor controls.