The School of Motors

Safety, Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance work on lifting equipment must only be carried out by competent experts. A person authorised to carry out this type of work must have theoretical training, knowledge and experience in the appropriate field. Our training course will contribute to your employees know-how and skill, helping them achieve competency when servicing or maintaining our electric chain hoists.

Main Topics

  • Construction, mode of operation and adjustment of rotor assemblies with service and safety brake
  • Construction, mode of operation and adjustment of a clutch
  • Maintenance, wear check and change of load chain
  • Setting up and changing the chain guide
  • Conversion of the chain hoist from single to double fall operation (still in the programme)
  • Assembly and testing of the load hook and hook suspension
  • Chain box and chain box unloaders
  • Inspection book for the chain hoist
  • Electrical measurement of the chain hoist

Included services

  • “Behind the scenes” – Tour
  • Drinks & Snacks
  • 2x Lunch & 1x Dinner
  • 100€ voucher for spare parts and chain hoist orders – valid if exam is successfully passed