Load Monitoring

CHAINMASTER Load Monitoring: Taking the guess work out of load analysis.

As live events and shows become larger and more complex, the risks associated with overload and even under load become higher. By implementing our load monitoring systems, the ability to see loads in real time means risks are reduced and overall rigging practices become safer.

Furthermore, when used in conjunction with our advanced control solutions, the highest levels of safety can be achieved. Available in both wired and wireless versions to suit your specific load monitoring applications.

Load Monitoring

Wireless Load Cell Solution

CELLMASTER is the wireless load cell monitoring solution from CHAINMASTER, delivering precise monitoring and logging of your rigging installation. CELLMASTER load cells area available in 3250 kg or 4750 kg.

Wired Load Cell Solution

CHAINMASTER can offer various wired load cell solutions including our stand-alone Load-2Net system, and load monitoring that is fully integrated into our hoists and control.