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Electric Chain Hoists

Tens of thousands of electric chain hoists sold worldwide, hundreds of well-established users and countless applications ensure that CHAINMASTER electric chain hoists are among the market leaders in the rough and tumble of everyday stage life.

Flight Case

Buy your flight case to match your electric chain hoist directly from CHAINMASTER.

Manual Chain Hoist – uLift

The aluminium manual chain hoist impresses with its compact design and user-friendliness.

Manual Controls

CHAINMASTER manual controllers are available in a wide range of versions for country-specific nominal voltages.

D8plus StageOperator

The D8plus StageOprator Series CM-850 has been developed for the safe setup-operation of electric chain hoists in direct control or low-voltage control.

ProTouch StageOperator

The ProTouch StageOperator is suitable for safe installation operations featuring fixed- or variable-speed electric chain hoists and a variety of stage drives such as winches and tubular shaft hoists.


The CHAINMASTER XYZ Control System is ideally suited to the creation of complex movement sequences and constitutes a reliable interface between the operator and the stage drives.

Load Monitoring

Naturally, all applicable standards and regulations are observed in the development and manufacture of CHAINMASTER electric chain hoists and control systems.

Custom Made Solutions

In addition to an extensive range of electric chain hoists, our company also offers the possibility of satisfying the special requests of customers and producing custom solutions.

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