Matthias Pohl takes over as Head of Engineering

Matthias Pohl Takes Over as Head of Engineering at CHAINMASTER

CHAINMASTER is pleased to announce that Matthias Pohl has taken over as Head of the Engineering Department. With his extensive experience and comprehensive expertise, he will drive the technical development and innovation course of the company forward.

Matthias Pohl joined the company on December 16, 2002, and began his career in production and commissioning. Thanks to his dedication and expertise, he assumed the position of Head of Production and Purchasing on December 17, 2004.

Since 2008, Matthias Pohl has been working in the Engineering Department. During this time, he has significantly contributed to the development and optimization of technical processes at CHAINMASTER. His responsibilities in the Engineering Department included:

  • Project planning
  • Development
  • Creation of operating manuals and documentation
  • Training
  • Supervising, commissioning, and training on systems abroad

In his new position as Head of Engineering, Matthias Pohl will continue to bring his expertise and innovative strength to CHAINMASTER. The entire team looks forward to future collaboration and shared successes