Invisible Heroes Part II

Our CHAINMASTER products are often regarded as “invisible heroes”, as they form the basis for impressive projects. But who are the real invisible heroes responsible for the skilful use of our products? In the second part of the blog series, we introduce you to another CHAINMASTER enthusiast. We interviewed Tiny Good, Founder of Showtech Australia, and asked him 10 questions that allow us to take a look behind the scenes.

Describe yourself in 3 words: determined, methodical, caring

How did you end up working in the live events industry? I started working at a local theatre when I was in high school and never stopped. I got some good breaks and worked hard to keep going forward.

Tell us more about your companies? Showtech Australia was started in 1987 after a few years of supplying crew to ProAm musical productions. In 1989 we started doing more rigging and staging than lighting and progressed into Automation service in mid 1990s. We provide rigging staging, automation, performer flying, and Uncommon Services all around the world. Uncommon services, like building scaffold and truss under water, hanging 2500 origami cranes to make an art installation, or landing a car on stage for a CEO to drive guests to lunch.

What is your favourite event that you have ever worked on? The Melbourne Commonwealth Games opening 2006, Ed Sheerin at the MCG 2023, The opening of the Parisian in Macau.

What key piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to enter the world of entertainment rigging now? Learn what you can from everyone you meet, and anyone you work with, not just riggers. Good riggers, in my opinion, know about all the departments and an assist others, especially at heights, if they understand the goal. Good riggers don’t just pull rope and climb, they help out, and watch out for others.

What is your go-to song or album could you listen to on repeat? “Always look on the bright side of life’ Monty Python, and “hells Bells” ACDC

This is two questions in one, but what are the most demanding and the most rewarding aspects of your job? Easy. Realizing other’s ideas, and teaching the next generation.

Showtech Australia own some CHAINMASTER Hoists. What do you like about CHAINMASTER products? CHAINMASTER are a well-designed, well built, and good to work on in the workshop, range of hoists. They are not cheap, but they are an investment, not a consumable.

It’s ideal your day off. Where would we find you and how would you spend you’re time? Sailing, or relaxing with movies.


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