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ProTouch StageOperator

ProTouch StageOperator

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ProTouch StageOperator: User-friendly and Multi-Functional

The ProTouch StageOperator is suitable for safe installation operations featuring fixed-speed chain hoists and a variety of stage drives such as winches, tubular shaft hoists and lifting platforms. The system offers integrated group shutdown, which means that whenever limits are exceeded or the safety devices of one drive respond, the entire group or all the drives in motion are stopped.
The controller evaluates all the limit switches of the drives, whilst sensors such as incremental or absolute encoders, load-measuring cells and thermo switches are reliably processed, to guarantee the safe operation of lifting appliances. Using a wide variety of technologies and mediums of data transmission, both centralized and decentralized systems can be produced.

ProTouch motor distribution units are rack mounted and linkable and are therefore suitable for both installation and touring applications.


Basic Features

  • 8,4″ Colour Touchscreen in robust Industry Quality
  • Linkable Motor Distributions
  • Integrated Software for System Configuration
  • Password Management
  • Group-Shutdown Functions
  • Displaying of Positions and Destination Runs
  • Load-Measuring with integrated Shutdown Functions for Over- and Underload
  • Displaying each Drive Status Position, Load and Errors
  • 15″ Touchscreen as Option
  • Network-Based System Configurations avaialable on request

Series CM-880

Item No. CM-880037

ProTouch StageOperator 8.4″, Remote for Controller Series CM-880xxx, 8,4″ Touch-Screen, Keyswitch, GO-Button, Ermergency Stop Button, 6 m Datacable, Range of functions: Operates up to 48 chain hoists with 6x 4/8‑channel controller, Integrated Software for System configuration, Programmable position targets, Position limits, load limits, Positioning via encoder, Over-/Underload switch-off, Lifting direction monitoring, Displaying of positions/loads, Error display per hoist, Group and total switch-off

Item No. CM-880004

ProTouch Motor-Distribution 4‑ch, for Chain Hoists with max. 1kW, Setup-Operation acc. BGV-C1 with Group-Switch-Off Functions, Power supply and data transmission of the drives via 4x multipin-sockets, 19″ rackmount-unit, 4RU, linkabl

Item No. CM-880002

ProTouch Motor-Distribution 8‑ch, for Chain Hoists with max. 1kW, Setup-Operation acc. BGV-C1 with Group-Switch-Off Functions, Power IN CEE-32/5 with phase-reversing plug, Power supply and data-transmission, Of the drives via 8x multipin-sockets, 19″ Rackmount-unit, 6RU, linkable

Item No. CM-880006

ProTouch Motor-Distribution 4‑ch, for 4x ChainMaster JumboLift with 2 lifting speeds, Setup-Operation acc. BGV-C1 with Group-Switch-Off Functions, Power IN 63A on terminal block, Power supply and data transmission of the drives via 4x 2 multipin-sockets, Wall Mount cabinet version, linkable

Item No. CM-880007

ProTouch Connection Cable 10m, for motor distribution series CM-880xxx, Max. total distance 50m, Motor distribution 1 > 2 > … > 6

Item No. CM-880010

ProTouch Motor Cable 20 m, Power supply and data transmission, for chain hoists up to 3kW, Max. length: 60 m (26G1.5)

Item No. CM-880021

ProTouch Wireless Touchpanel 8,4″ 5 GHz incl.: 1x receiver with 20m cable for motor distribution series CM-880xxx, 1 x 8.4″ touch panel as backup controller
Please note that we can not guarantee s failurefree function of the wireless Operation. This always depends on the Operating Conditions and environmental influences.

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