User-friendly and Multi-Functional

The Pro­Touch Sta­ge­Ope­ra­tor is sui­ta­ble for safe instal­la­ti­on ope­ra­ti­ons fea­turing fixed- or varia­ble-speed chain hoists and a varie­ty of sta­ge dri­ves such as win­ches, tubu­lar shaft hoists and lif­ting plat­forms.
The sys­tem offers inte­gra­ted group shut­down, which means that whenever limits are excee­ded or the safe­ty devices of one dri­ve respond, the ent­i­re group or all the dri­ves in moti­on are stop­ped.
The con­trol­ler eva­lua­tes all the limit swit­ches of the dri­ves, whilst sen­sors such as incre­men­tal or abso­lu­te enco­ders, load-mea­su­ring cells and ther­mo swit­ches are reli­ab­ly pro­ces­sed, to gua­ran­tee the safe ope­ra­ti­on of lif­ting app­li­an­ces. Using a wide varie­ty of tech­no­lo­gies and medi­ums of data trans­mis­si­on, both cen­tra­li­zed and decen­tra­li­zed sys­tems can be pro­du­ced.
In the Qatar Natio­nal Con­ven­ti­on Cen­ter, an ent­i­re sys­tem with 1752 Chain­Mas­ter Vario­Lifts was instal­led in seven halls, with con­trol pro­vi­ded by ten 8.4‑inch radio con­trol­lers.


Basic Fea­tures

  • 8,4″ Colour Touch­screen in robust Indus­try Qua­li­ty
  • Lin­ka­ble Motor Dis­tri­bu­ti­ons
  • Inte­gra­ted Soft­ware for Sys­tem Con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on
  • Pass­word Manage­ment
  • Group-Shut­down Func­tions
  • Dis­play­ing of Posi­ti­ons and Desti­na­ti­on Runs
  • Load-Mea­su­ring with inte­gra­ted Shut­down Func­tions for Over- and Under­load
  • Dis­play­ing each Dri­ve Sta­tus Posi­ti­on, Load and Errors
  • 15″ Touch­screen as Opti­on
  • Net­work-Based Sys­tem Con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons avai­al­ab­le on request

Serie CM-880

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