CHAINMASTER in South Africa

Eilenburg, 16.11.2022 – As a leading manufacturer of electric chain hoists and chain hoist controllers in the entertainment industry with global exports to 55 countries, CHAINMASTER is proud to announce that in future their global presence in the South African market will be strengthened with DWR Distribution as their trading partner.

CHAINMASTER’S Benjamin Göldner and Adam Beaumont recently visited South Africa and accompanied by DWR’s Robert Izzett, called on numerous local rental technical suppliers. “While CHAINMASTER is well established throughout the world, it’s the first time that the brand will be represented in South Africa and we look forward to a long-term relationship with DWR,” commented Benjamin Göldner, CEO at CHAINMASTER GmbH. “We are part of LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH, the parent company that took ownership of CHAINMASTER in 2018 and are proud to produce and assemble first-rate hoists and controllers to the entertainment industry, from basic units to controllers with frequency, inverters, positioning and load measuring.”

Founded in 1994, CHAINMASTER offers a range of products that enable complex scene changes in theatres and provide solutions for television studios, multi-functional venues and the touring sector. Over 125,000 electric chain hoists have been used around the globe to date and the company’s references include projects such as the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, the Louvre in Lens and the Stockholm Opera House.

Global Brand Manager, Adam Beaumont, joined CHAINMASTER in March 2022 and his career has included working as a technician for touring theatres and corporate events, to project management and working in sales for rigging companies. “The CHAINMASTER brand is our specific hoist design for the entertainment market and the exciting development and relaunch of the product has occurred in connection with the changed corporate structure,” explained Adam Beaumont.  “John Jones, Director of LIFTKET UK and a distributor of CHAINMASTER stage products, has known Duncan Riley and Robert Izzett from DWR for several years, so when we started talking about bringing CHAINMASTER to South Africa, which is an important market for us, they were first and foremost in our minds.

In October Robert Izzett of DWR had the privilege of visiting CHAINMASTER’s headquarters in Germany and was delighted to see the high quality of their products and the warm welcome he received on site. “It was amazing to see the company premises and the dizzying number of hoists that are produced there every year and to meet the whole team. We look forward to welcoming the great team to South Africa next year in 2023 as part of our Open Day and showcasing the new CHAINMASTER chain hoist product portfolio to everyone. CHAINMASTER has manufactured a product that has lasted in the market for 3 decades now and many customers count on this reliability. We appreciate this opportunity very much.”

CHAINMASTER and DWR look forward to a successful collaboration.

CHAINMASTER’S Benjamin Göldner and Adam Beaumont (centre)  with Duncan Riley and Robert Izzett from DWR Distribution.