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Behind the scenes Herbert

Herbert Diener – the 54-year-old family man finds the perfect balance to his varied job at CHAINMASTER[…]

Behind the scenes Karsten

Karsten Hofmann – the 54-year-old likes to do sports in his free time by bike or kayak.[…]

Behind the scenes Nikos

Nikos Böttcher – 29 years young and sporty. Running in his local area is the perfect balance[…]

Behind the scenes Markus

Markus Pogrzeba – the 45-year-old football fan of the Kansas City Chiefs actively plays darts in his[…]

Behind the scenes Marco

Marco Trybusch – spending time with his family, doing handicrafts and riding his bike – this is[…]

Behind the scenes Lars

Lars Köthnig – 35 years old and a father with heart and soul. Lars finds the perfect[…]

Behind the scenes Matthias

Matthias Pohl – 45 years young and a sports enthusiast to the core. Football, soccer, climbing and[…]

Behind the scenes Torsten

Torsten Weede – the 42-year-old football fan likes to spend his free time in the garden or[…]

Behind the scenes Norbert

Nobert Jahncke – the fresh 50-year-old has a passion for fishing and likes to enjoy his peace[…]